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The Chaos Path

Some men just want to watch the world burn

I like pitch black beer, pitch black music, pitch black humour and some really terrible films.

Everything in here is friends-locked, but if you really, really want to read this rubbish, then add me and I will almost certainly add you back at some point. Racists, sexists and homophobes need not apply.
aberrating, alan moore, aleister crowley, almost everything, anton szandor lavey, art, atheism, bacteria, bam, beer, biochemistry, biology, black comedy, black metal, blackadder, caffeine, cambridge, cambridge rocksoc, camra, cell cycle, cheese, christianity, christopher marlowe, combating pseudoscience, comics, country music, cricket, cryptic lambdoid prophages, dario argento, dark ambient, dave mckean, david cronenberg, david lynch, dc universe, death metal, decepticon supremacy, derren brown, developmental biology, discordianism, doctor who, doom, douglas adams, escherichia coli, evolution, fiendish feet, films, flanimals, freemasonry, friedrich nietzsche, genetic recombination, genetics, george a. romero, ghostbusters, gore films, goth, gothic horror, grant morrison, grindcore, göönks, h. p. lovecraft, hammer horror, heavy metal, heroquest, hideous-yet-loveable clothes, history, horror films, house of leaves, industrial, j. r. r. tolkien, jack the ripper, james randi, john peel, knots and knot theory, languages, latin, little shop of horrors, loathing dan brown, lucio fulci, magick, mark z. danielewski, marquis de sade, marvel universe, microbiology, mild, military history, moonfog, mythology, nazgul's eyrie productions, neil gaiman, newcastle brown ale, noise, noisecore, nsbm, occult, oscar wilde, penn and teller, peter jackson, philosophy, plasmid biology, politics, porter, post-black metal, power electronics, preacher, prog rock, pub charades, punk rock, real ale, really *really* bad films, red wine, religion, renaissance drama, richard dawkins, rock 'n' roll, rugby, sarah kane, satanism, scandinavia, scepticism, science, science fiction, seals, serial killers, sharpe, sludgecore, space rock, stage magic, stephen jay gould, steve aylett, stout, tape trading, the calling, the forlorn hope, the joker, theatre, thrash metal, transformers, transgenesis, trapdoor, wacken open air, wake up screaming, when science goes wrong, whisk(e)y, william blake, william s. burroughs, william shakespeare, wrestling